Financial Statements

At Peter Wm. Maneri, Jr., CPA, we take care of the complex and tedious work so you can focus on what is really important to you: running your business. We do more than just prepare tax returns. We can be your one-stop-shop for all your accounting needs.

Helping you Analyze your Business.

We can help you prepare financial statements from your data for you to use in making day-to-day decisions. Many small business owners may think they have a handle on their finances—until they see the numbers in black and white. Your job is to run your business efficiently, our job is to help with your accounting to allow your business to see maximum success.
We take your financial data and help you put it together in a way that is clear, concise, and useful for your management team. We don’t provide an opinion or assurance on the statements (see reviews and compilations); we simply help give you a more clear understanding of your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

Reviews and Compilations

Certain types of businesses need financial statements that have been reviewed or compiled in a prescribed format. These statements are typically requested by third parties such as banks, agencies providing construction bonds, or the state.
These statements provide an in-depth look at the company and how certain aspects of its structure and activities affect its ability to continue operating for the foreseeable future. The requesting party will specify what level of analysis is required; here are the three types we are able to provide:
  • Preparation – we prepare financial statements based on your data in a specific format.
  • Compilation – we apply our expertise to assist management in presenting financial statements in accordance with AICPA standards without performing procedures to verify the completeness or accuracy of the data.
  • Review – we apply analytical procedures to the data and make inquiries of management in accordance with AICPA standards in order to obtain limited assurance as to whether we are aware of any modifications that should be made for the financial statements to be in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards.

Count on us to prepare and compile your financial data into a professional and presentable financial statement.

  • Preparation, compilation and review statements
  • Business and Individual
  • Year-end and interim statements

Reviews and compilations can be in-depth engagements. Contact us as soon as a third-party has requested these statements to avoid delays in completion.