Extensive Tax Knowledge for Your Situation

Take advantage of our tax preparation experience and expertise to manage your personal tax situation. At Peter Wm. Maneri, Jr., CPA, each client we assist is unique. Whether you own rental properties, are looking to maximize deductions for your small business, or you earned income in multiple states—rely on us to provide you with the personalized tax approach that you need.

Building Relationships and Trust

Some tax situations are simple enough that you may feel comfortable handling them on your own. Our services cover business and individual tax planning, including providing sales tax services and estate and trust tax preparation. When you are faced with an unusual or complex event, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we want to help. Taxes do not take care of themselves!

If you want a hands-on approach, we are here year-round and are happy to provide planning and analysis services as desired. If you are comfortable with your tax situation and you simply seek our assistance preparing and filing your return each year, we can do that as well. As our client, you determine our level of involvement based around your needs.

Prepared to Handle all Your Tax Needs

Tax compliance goes beyond just your individual 1040. We are happy to be your local tax experts. Take a look at the list below to see how we can help—and yes, we can file returns in any state.

  • Individual – 1040
  • Small business – Sch. C
  • Rental properties – Sch. E
  • Estates or Trusts – 1041
  • Gift taxes – 709
  • Partnerships – 1065
  • Corporations – 1120
  • S-Corporation – 1120S
  • Not-for-profit – 990
  • Payroll tax – 941
  • Sales tax – OS-114 (CT)
  • Wages – W-2 and 1099

If you’re looking for tax assistance, call us now to schedule an appointment.